CHICAGO BLUES REUNION Buried Alive in the Blues DVD+CD


CHICAGO BLUES REUNION Buried Alive in the Blues
Label: Eagle Vision
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Format: DVD PAL Region 2
Country: Europe
Year of release: 2005

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Chicago Blues Reunion is a collaboration of Chicago music legends who defined the sound of their generation in the 1960’s. Last year, Barry Goldberg, Nick Gravenities, Harvey Mandel, Tracy Nelson, Sam Lay and Corky Siegel joined forces once again and the result is a two disc set “Buried Alive In The Blues”. One audio CD and one DVD (60 minute DVD, 30 minutes of music, 30 minutes of interviews with the CBR bandmates plus on screen recollections from Steve Miller, BB King, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana and others telling the North Side Chicago blues story of the 60’s from various perspectives).

Track Listing:

DVD1A Documentary Film Of The Chicago Blues Featuring Interviews And Music By Those Who Were There
Track Listings
  1. Born In Chicago – featuring Nick Gravenites
  2. Buried Alive In The Blues – featuring Nick Gravenites
  3. Walk Away – featuring Tracy Nelson
  4. Drinking Wine – featuring Nick Gravenites
  5. GM Boogie – featuring Barry Goldberg & Harvey Mandel
  6. Left Handed Soul – featuring Nick Gravenites
  7. Miss You Like The Devil – featuring Tracy Nelson
  8. All The Help I Can Get – featuring Tracy Nelson
  9. Death Of Muddy Waters – featuring Nick Gravenites
  10. Find My Baby – featuring Sam Lay
  11. New Truck – featuring Tracy Nelson
  12. King Bee – featuring Corky Siegel
  13. Snake – featuring Harvey Mandel
  14. Hound Dog – featuring Sam Lay
  15. Let’s Work Together


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