MoMo Dark City SOUTH AFRICA Cat#CDJUST815 ex-NFOH Squeal Die Kerels Zen Arcade


MoMo Dark City
Label: Just Music
Cat#: CDJUST815
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Format: CD
Country: South Africa
Released: 2019

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MoMo is a band made up of Rob Mc Lennan (No Friends of Harry, Doris), Andrew Cleland/Commander Drumslut (The Kerels, Zen Arcade, Squeal) and Rusty Stanley (Simple English). A three piece who make uncompromising, straight up, dark, swampy music.


1 Carry On
2 In The City
3 By The River
4 Joy
5 Escape
6 Lungs
7 Cruel
8 Hillbrow
9 Swamp
10 Drift Away
11 Broken
12 Drunk

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