THE PARLOTONES Trinkets, Relics & Heirlooms SOUTH AFRICA Cat# SLCD 405


THE PARLOTONES Trinkets, Relics & Heirlooms
Label: Gallo
Cat#: SLCD 405
Bar Code: 6009702735481
Country: South Africa
Year: 2016

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1 Skull and Bones The Parlotones
2 Halfway Down The Parlotones
3 Light Up The Parlotones
4 Ticket to the World The Parlotones
5 Mysterious The Parlotones
6 Undress you with my Eyes The Parlotones
7 Fade to Light [Original Mix] Das Kapital & Kahn Morbee
8 I Dream in Colour Kahn Morbee & Solo
9 She Takes Me Over Lost&Found
10 Nothing Is Impossible Kahn Morbee
11 Learning How to Lie Lost&Found
12 My Midnight Life Kahn Morbee

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