FATBOY SLIM Why Try Harder The Greatest Hits SOUTH AFRICA Cat# CDEPC7121


FATBOY SLIM Why Try Harder – The Greatest Hits
Label: Sony Music
Cat#: CDEPC7121
Format: CD
Year of release: 2006
Country: South Africa

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The Greatest Hits – Why Try Harder is a compilation album by English electronic musician Fatboy Slim, released on 19 June 2006. In addition to previously released material, the album includes two new tracks: “Champion Sound” and “That Old Pair of Jeans”.

1. Praise You
2. Rockafeller Skank
3. Weapon Of Choice
4. Gangster Tripping
5. Wonderful Night
6. Right Here, Right Now
7. Going Out Of My Head
8. Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
9. Everybody Loves A Carnival
10. Don’t Let The Man Get You
11. Demnons
12. Slash Dot Dash
13. Santa Cruz
14. Y A Mama
15. Star 69
16. The Joker

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