MUSE Live at Rome Olympic Stadium [CD/DVD] EUROPE Cat# 825646394210


MUSE – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium
Label: Universal
Catalogue#: 825646394210
Bar Code: 825646394210
Format: CD + DVD
Country: EUROPE
Released: 2013

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CD-1 Supremacy 5:16
CD-2 Panic Station 3:12
CD-3 Resistance 5:32
CD-4 Hysteria 5:06
CD-5 Animals 4:21
CD-6 Knights Of Cydonia 8:19
CD-7 Explorers 5:54
CD-8 Follow Me 3:52
CD-9 Madness 4:37
CD-10 Guiding Light 4:18
CD-11 Supermassive Black Hole 4:05
CD-12 Uprising 5:35
CD-13 Starlight 4:27

DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 Supremacy
DVD-3 Panic Station
DVD-4 Plug In Baby
DVD-5 Resistance
DVD-6 Animals
DVD-7 Knights Of Cydonia
DVD-8 Explorers
DVD-9 Hysteria
DVD-10 Feeling Good
DVD-11 Follow Me
DVD-12 Madness
DVD-13 Time Is Running Out
DVD-14 Guiding Light
DVD-15 Undisclosed Desires
DVD-16 Supermassive Black Hole
DVD-17 Survival
DVD-18 The 2nd Law: Isolated System
DVD-19 Uprising
DVD-20 Starlight
DVD-21 Stockholm Syndrome (Las Vegas)
DVD-22 Unsustainable (Las Vegas)
DVD-23 Liquid State (Dallas)
DVD-24 The Road (The Film)

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