PH Fat Happiness Machines 17 Track Ltd Edition CD SOUTH AFRICA


2013 South African Pressing of “PH FAT – Happiness Machines” 17 track Deluxe Edition CD. The CD is brand new and in mint condition.

PH FAT – Happiness Machines
Label: Self Released
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Format: CD Digipack
Country: South Africa
Released: 2014

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PHFAT – Instructions
PHFAT – House of Clashes
PHFAT – The Machine
PHFAT – Snacks
PHFAT – Facepaint
PHFAT – City of Thieves
PHFAT – City of Thieves pt 2
PHFAT – Keep Kids Fucked Up
PHFAT – Business
PHFAT – Skate Gang
PHFAT – Butterfly Stroke
PHFAT – Church (w Desert Head)
PHFAT – Junios
PHFAT – Prom
PHFAT – Pearl City
PHFAT – Nightmare Strategy

Includes a 16 page digibook with 17 tracks & a 20% discount voucher for Puma Flag Ship stores. This is PHFAT’s first full length album. It’s 17 tracks in total, with a few instrumental cuts thrown in between. From the intro, Instructions, to the surrealist eeriness of follow up single, House of Clashes the overall vibe is set in the key of minor. The lyrics guide us through the dense darkness with an ambitious fuck you written over it: “Cleverness envelops restless / 21st century happy machine / Reprieve previous pain / Take vitamins / Pray to dead visionaries.” Admittedly, a coherent story often gives way to poetic license. The best moments come when all the pieces fall together and PHFAT become more than the sum of their parts – and that moment drops (niggas be like: “shiiiit”). The new sound is the result of analogue synths. Ultimately PHFAT has found new magic with old skool bleeps and drum machines.


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