SARON GAS SEETHER Fragile + bonus trax South Africa Cat#CDMUS300


Label: Musketeer Records
Catalogue #: CDMUS 300
Bar Code: 6007124349330
Country of release: South Africa
Year of Release: 2000


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South African pressing of Saron Gas [SEETHER] – Fragile SEALED full length debut CD. Fragile is the debut album by the band Saron Gas, which would eventually become Seether. The album was released only in South Africa. After this album, Wind-up Records asked the band to change their name, as Saron Gas was a homophone for sarin gas, a deadly nerve agent. The band changed their name to Seether. The versions of the tracks on this album are unique, though some were re-recorded for Disclaimer.


1     Beer
2     Tea
3     Pride
4     Fine Again
5     Empty
6     Tied My Hands
7     Take Me Away
8     Driven Under
9     Stay And Play
10     Your Bore
11     Pig
12     Dazed And Abused

Bonus Tracks
13     Gasoline
14     Tied My Hands
15     Senseless Tragedy


Shaun Morgan – lead vocals, lead & rhythm guitar
Dale Stewart – bass, backing vocals
Dave Cohoe – drums, backing vocals


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