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In November 2009 Native Noise partnered with Musketeer Records for the release of ‘Native Noise Collection Vol. 1 – The Seether Sessions’. The album features a collection of rarities by South Africa’s most successful rock band on a 2 CD set available exclusively in South Africa.

SEETHER – Native Noise Collection Vol. 1
Label: Musketeer Records [RiSA]
Catalogue#: CDMUS333
Bar Code: 6009690010522
Released: 2009

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Disc 1 of ‘The Seether Sessions’ kicks off with the new song, ‘No Shelter’, a b-side from the gold selling hit album ‘Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces’. The disc continues with recordings from the band’s iTunes Originals sessions, previously unavailable in South Africa. Seether discusses their career from 1999 to 2008 alongside rare acoustic versions of songs including the hits ‘Fake It’, ‘Broken’ and ‘Rise Above This’. Fans will also be treated to covers of The Beatles’ ‘Across the Universe’ and Cole Porter’s ’I’ve Got You Under My Skin’ (made famous by Frank Sinatra) performed in Seether’s unique style.

A second disc captures the band’s live acoustic performance at the Grape Street Club, as featured in the 2006 release ‘One Cold Night’. The session includes hit singles ’The Gift’, ‘Truth’ and ‘Gasoline’ as well as a cover of Pearl Jam’s ‘Immortality’, fan favourite ‘Sympathetic’ and the early Saron Gas song, ‘Tied My Hands’.

The Seether Sessions
1-1 No Shelter
1-2 The Band Started In May 1999
1-3 Gasoline
1-4 We Had To Write A Single And We Didn´t Know What That Meant
1-5 Fine Again (Itunes Originals Version)
1-6 We Thought We Were Starting ´Karma & Effect´
1-7 Broken (Itunes Originals Version)
1-8 We Did ´sold Me´ At The Same Time As ´Broken´
1-9 Sold Me
1-10 The Original Title Was ´Cater To Cowards´
1-11 Remedy (Itunes Originals Version)
1-12 He Was The Number One Fan
1-13 Fake It (Itunes Originals Version)
1-14 I Was Feeling Nostalgic
1-15 Rise Above This (Itunes Originals Version)
1-16 I Picked It For The Chorus
1-17 Across The Universe (Itunes Originals Version)
1-18 The Song Is Kinda Creepy
1-19 I´ve Got You Under My Skin (Itunes Originals Version)

One Cold Night
2-1 Gasoline 2:57
2-2 Driven Under 4:58
2-3 Diseased 3:46
2-4 Truth 5:15
2-5 Immortality 5:02
2-6 Tied My Hands 5:16
2-7 Sympathetic 4:12
2-8 Fine Again 5:05
2-9 Broken 4:17
2-10 The Gift 5:36
2-11 Remedy 3:41
2-12 Plastic Man 3:34
2-13 The Gift (Alternate Mix) 4:24

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