SONJA South African 1978 Drama Region 2


Title: SONJA

Barcode: 6004416084306
Country: South Africa
Format: DVD
Discs: 1
Region: 2
Running Time: 66 minutes
TV System: PAL
Year: 2008, originally came out originally in 1978 
Country: South Africa
Region Code: Region 2
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Title: SONJA
Director: Daan Retief
Writers: Daan Retief (screenplay), Emil Nofal (original story)
Stars: Hans Strydom, Petru Wessels, Will Roberts 
Contents: Die verhaal van ‘n vrou wat alles in haar vermoe doen om haar man ‘n erfgenaam te gee. Sonja has tried for years to give her husband a son. But the problem is not with her its is with him. She doesn’t want to tell him that so she has sex with her ex in order to get pregnant and give him a child. One of Sonja’s friends knows about this and with a old grudge she still has one her forces her with this to leave home for good otherwise she will tell who the real father is

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